Welcome to the Great Expectations readalong project! Join us from 1 December 2017 as we read Dickens’s tale as it was originally intended to be read, in weekly installments.

Every Friday one of our lead blogging team will upload a post to coincide with the ‘release’ of that week’s installment and then we invite you to join us in discussion of the latest developments in the story. All installments can be seen as they were originally published in All the Year Round by visiting Dickens Journals Online

We ask just two things of all contributors:

  1. Common courtesy. This is a project designed for open discussion of Dickens’s novel as it unfolds. We welcome different viewpoints, but ask for civility at all times!
  2. Most importantly, NO SPOILERS! The purpose of the project is to consider Dickens’s tale as it would have unfolded to first-time readers. If you have never read Great Expectations before, then welcome aboard! If you have, then please refrain from looking ahead to later on in the novel!

While the story unfolds in All The Year Round, we’ll also be live-tweeting the story with contributors all writing in the role of the characters. You can follow each character individually, or see the overall tale develop through our central twitter account @GE_Readalong

This project is being run by scholars at the Universities of Buckingham, Leicester, York and Birkbeck. Questions about the project can be directed to Dr Pete Orford.