Great Expectations Readalong starts 1 December 2017!

Following on the success of previous reading projects of A Tale of Two CitiesNo NameThe Mystery of Edwin Drood and Our Mutual Friend, we are pleased to announce a new Dickens readalong project for 2017-2018: Great Expectations.

We’ll be reading the story in its original weekly installments on Dickens Journals Online, beginning on Friday 1st December. A central team of bloggers will upload a post each week to discuss the latest developments, and we warmly invite you to join us both in reading and discussing the story as it unfolds.

In addition, we will be live-tweeting the story each week. For this, we are asking for volunteers to take on the roles of characters and tweet from their perspective each week. So whether you fancy being the voice of Pip, showing Estella’s version of events, or even championing those on the sideline like Wopsle and Pumblechook, please send an expression of interest to Twitter co-ordinators Pete Orford and Emma Curry at and to have a character assigned to you. We will try to respond to specific requests for characters, but in situations where a character has already been allocated we will offer alternative roles.


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